Dear James (age 3.5),

You are a very sweet young boy, and I am so touched by how much well you care for others and help them when they need you.

Over the weekend, you and Kian were playing in the sprinklers while I tried to test them out and make some repairs. While we were all on the side of the house, by the sprinkler timer, a bug ("an ant with jaws!" as Kian describes it) bit Kian HARD three times behind the knee. He was screaming and crying, and I did not swoop in to take care of him because he needs to learn to be a bit tougher (and not cry so much) and age 7.

You were very sweet and kind to Kian. I was so proud of you.  You went in to the house to get him ice.  You hugged him and told him you are sorry he got bitten and that you hope he feels better soon.  You asked me what else you could do to make Kian feel better, but there wasn't much YOU could do (I ended up putting some antihistamine cream on him and trying to get his mind off it by watching a movie).

You were very sweet, and I could see from the look on kian's face how much it meant to him, that he had a brother who cared about him so much.