The Content Manager Product Pattern

Content Management is huge in enterprise software, and thus the Content Manager Pattern is one of the most important high-level Product Patterns.  Content management is the primary function of most software described as a platform, server, or online service.  It’s not just limited to the realm of official “Content »

Product Patterns: What is Content?

In my posts about Product Patterns, I’ve mentioned the word “content” a lot.  I’ve even mentioned a few high-level product patterns called the “Content Manager” and “Content Authoring Tool.” This is an important product pattern because basically every piece of software that touts itself as a “platform” or »

Product Patterns Everywhere

Over the past 10 years, I’ve probably done hands-on analysis the functionality and usability of over 300 software products and online services (not including mobile apps). Why so many? Because playing with software is not just my job, but also my weird hobby. I’m always on the hunt »