Quora: What do MIT admissions interviewers look for?

My answer, originally published on Quora. Q: What do MIT admissions interviewers look for? My Answer I used to interview applicants to MIT, and the biggest things I looked for were: Deep intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning that goes far beyond the norm. This was best demonstrated by »

To James: You're becoming a very sweet boy

Dear James (age 3.5), You are a very sweet young boy, and I am so touched by how much well you care for others and help them when they need you. Over the weekend, you and Kian were playing in the sprinklers while I tried to test them out »

The day after the last day of 2nd grade (Kian)

Dear Kian, Thursday was the last day of 2nd grade for you, so we spent Friday together doing "special time." First, you played with James a little bit in the morning. Then we took him to daycare so he wouldn't miss "water play day."  You and I came home and »

Buzz Lightyear Returns

What a goober!  (James saw a photo of Kian at age 4 dressed up in this costume, and begged for me to look for it so he could dress up as Buzz Lightyear too....) »

Growing Pains (for Mom)

Today is the first day (that I remember, anyway) when I realized how grownup Kian already is at age 7.5.   I fondly remember when he was 4 or so, and we were so close: best buddies.  I could do no wrong in his eyes and I could not feel »

James - First Words

Early - Starting August 2011 (13 months) At age 1 yr, 1 month, in the USA for just over 1 month) 1. Dog / doggy (8/18/2011) 2. Tickle 3. Hi (11/24/2011) 4. "Bucka bucka" - the name of his special strawberry pillow 5. "Bap" (fruit and/or »

Today we saw mini airplanes

Dear Kian, Today is Saturday May 28, 2011. I just had the most wonderful day with you.  You are 4-1/2 years right now, on the brink of entering kindergarten.  And 4.5 is truly a wonderful age. Perhaps the best age (although I know that consistently throughout your entire »

More cute stuff Kian says at age 3.5

My sister Laura is in town, so we took a "Captain Underpants" photo of Kian and posted it to Facebook.  He'll hate me for this later. I better start saving up for his psychotherapy. Kian said that he wouldn't trade his daddy for a train (thank goodness!). But would he »

Easter Sugar Overload (K at age 3.5)

This past weekend, K got to experience the sugar-overload of Easter. On Saturday evening, we went to friends' for an egg hunt and dinner. Then, Sunday we headed to some other friends for a quiet Easter brunch. Other Notables: K does not react well to "ready, set, go!" Instead of »

Swim lessons for Kian

I took Kian to swimming class at AVAC this evening.  It was a bit rough because he was expecting Mr. David to be his teacher today.  He had been saying earlier how Mr. David was his friend -- a big deal because at the previous lesson he wouldn't go near »