Dear Kian,

Today is Saturday May 28, 2011. I just had the most wonderful day with you.  You are 4-1/2 years right now, on the brink of entering kindergarten.  And 4.5 is truly a wonderful age. Perhaps the best age (although I know that consistently throughout your entire life, I've thought that however old you were at the time was "the best age").

Anyway, this morning you woke up right at 7am like you usually do - you are such a morning person and almost always wake up right on time.  You cheerfully came into my room to wake me up, but I didn't want to wake up yet so you occupied yourself with going to the potty and then you jumped into bed with me for some cuddle time.  But with cuddle time, you are usually not really cuddling but hiding under the sheets and enacting some kind of drama with all your stuffed froggies.  I think you were playing "Star Wars" with them this morning even though you have never seen Star Wars and we have told you hardly anything about it.  I guess you learn about it at preschool.

Anyway, I was very tired and am not a morning person like you.  So when your Dad came home from his morning workout, you got out of the bed and started playing with your trains and puzzles in the hallway and in your room, letting me sleep a little extra, and for that I am very grateful.  You got yourself all dressed without my even prompting.  Finally, at about 8:20, I finally got up and made us some breakfast. You love Rice Krispies, which you call "Snap Crackle and Pop" because you love to hear the noise it makes. You eat some kind of cereal almost every morning. Sometimes we eat together, but sometimes I skip breakfast.

And then we had a lazy morning.  I did a little bit of work on my computer.  You did a jigsaw (all by your self!) on the iPad.  You played with some toys while I cleaned up the kitchen.  I then gave you four choices for activities today:  train park, beach, bike, or hike.  You picked bike.  While you watched Dinosaur Train (your favorite show) on my iPad, I pumped up our bike tires and loaded the bikes and gear into the new Subaru.  Stopped at Starbucks for a hot chocolate for you (which you said was "just right") and a  latte for me, and then headed to Morgan Hill to Anderson Lake County Park, the end of the Coyote Creek Trail.  It was a pretty nice day thus far - temperatures in the high 60s and sunny (although there were clouds in the sky).

We hopped on the bikes and rode 2 miles - even  riding across a big wooden bridge over a river and under highway 101.  You always like to pretend you are racing. Periodically  you cross a line of some kind in the road, and raise one of your hands in victory, making the "number 1" sign and saying "I won!"  I rode just a little behind you, constantly reminding you to stay over to the right and to watch where you are going.  After two miles, we saw an airplane doing tricks in the sky - an airplane that moved incredibly fast.  Or so it seemed, until we realized that it must not be a full-size airplane that was miles high but instead was a model airplane that was only a few hundred feet off the ground.  We watched for a while and then decided to find where the airplane was coming from. W e kept riding and found the Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Club's little airport.  It has three runways and everything  - it looks just like a real airport.  They welcome spectators so we went on in, sat on some benches and watched 5 or 6 model airplanes take off, do tricks, and land.  There were about 10 airplanes (and a helicopter) around, and some were as big as a queen sized bed.  We also talked to a few of the flyers and asked questions.  You were so excited and so curious about these planes, although you were a little shy about asking questions.

Finally, after 45 minutes I decided we needed to go. We drove another mile along the bike path, seeking several hawks (which were playing with smaller birds) and a big purple thistle bush in the process. You loved it.  You pedal that little bike - a red Specialized mountain bike with 12" wheels - faster than I would think one could possibly pedal.  One time you looked at the mountain and said "Look mommy, it's So pretty!"  While riding you told me about how you had done this bike ride once before "with your kids".

We turned around, stopped at the model airplane airport for another hour or so, and finally headed back to the car.  You had been a trouper all this time, but it was 1:30 now and you had not eaten lunch yet so you started to get grumpy.  You got mad at me when I passed you and won a race I was not aware that we were having.  You were so mad, you wouldn't go investigate the rock dam in the river underneath the freeway bridge.   Further on, a small hill frustrated you to no end because you had to get off and walk.  you started crying painfully until I picked you up for a hug.  And then, spying a bunny in the bushes is what finally made you stop.  You said your legs hurt so we walked our bikes about 0.3 miles, and finally got back on the bikes for a triumphant ride back to the car.  You crossed "the line" first, or so you told me, and there was an older woman nearby who cheered your arrival.

After loading the car back up and going to the porta-potty (ew, but you did a good job), we went to Chili's for lunch.  You ate so much!  A whole ear of corn on the cob and almost all of a big serving of mac n' cheese.  And then you spent a lot of time being silly with the girl (about your age) in a booth on the other side of the 1/2 wall.  She'd look for you, then you'd hide and vice versa.  You were laughing your head off and your dimples came out!  How I love them.  As we left you shouted "bye" to the little girl quite  a few times.

On the ride home, you asked me if all the planets g around the sun, and if they all turn around on an axis.  I did my best to answer, and then you conked out, asleep in your carseat. We we got home you were so tired, you even let me pick you up and put you in your bed for an extended nap.

Such a wonderful day.  I loved spending it with you.  I only wish I had more pictures, but you won't let me take pictures with you anymore (all I get is the back your head).

Ah well.  I love you so very much.  Dearly.  I want everything good and everything wonderful for you.