Three Options in Your Proposals

When  proposing a fixed-price project to a client, I nearly always present three options for doing the project: lowest price / lowest value medium price / medium value highest price / highest value If the client has a very small budget, then I’ll sometimes figure out a “lowest value” project that has »

James - First Words

Early - Starting August 2011 (13 months) At age 1 yr, 1 month, in the USA for just over 1 month) 1. Dog / doggy (8/18/2011) 2. Tickle 3. Hi (11/24/2011) 4. "Bucka bucka" - the name of his special strawberry pillow 5. "Bap" (fruit and/or »

Quora: Can an adult be legally adopted?

My answer, originally posted to Quora My Answer I don't know about other countries, but yes, an adult can be legally adopted in many states in the USA, including California. The criteria for allowing adult adoption varies state to state. Adult adoption creates a legal parent-child relationship between two adults, »

Analogies that Demystify NoSQL

I love it when a gnarly technical concept can be elegantly explained via a good analogy. In fact, I have found myself searching for these perfect analogies throughout my career. I’ve been working on NoSQL projects of late, and found the following two articles – both with brilliant analogies — to »

Quora: Is there a market for fractional or part-time product management?

My answer, originally published on Quora. Q: Is there a market for fractional or part-time product management? Thesis: Early stage startups could use dedicated product managers, but often can't afford one or don't have the resources to support a full-time PM. From all the conversations I've had with early stage »

The Content Manager Product Pattern

Content Management is huge in enterprise software, and thus the Content Manager Pattern is one of the most important high-level Product Patterns.  Content management is the primary function of most software described as a platform, server, or online service.  It’s not just limited to the realm of official “Content »

Product Patterns: What is Content?

In my posts about Product Patterns, I’ve mentioned the word “content” a lot.  I’ve even mentioned a few high-level product patterns called the “Content Manager” and “Content Authoring Tool.” This is an important product pattern because basically every piece of software that touts itself as a “platform” or »

Product Patterns Everywhere

Over the past 10 years, I’ve probably done hands-on analysis the functionality and usability of over 300 software products and online services (not including mobile apps). Why so many? Because playing with software is not just my job, but also my weird hobby. I’m always on the hunt »

Quora: What are some must-read books for product managers?

My answer, originally published on Quora. My Answer The Must-Read Books for Product Managers For product managers working on business-to-business high tech products and early technologies, the following are absolute must-reads: Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers, by Geoffrey Moore. This book was pivotal in »

Rules I Live By, As an Independent Consultant

Some rules of thumb that I’ve accumulated during the last 3+ years as an independent product management consultant: Always include several options in proposals, ideally three choices that are good/better/best. Always provide a discount for full prepayment, ranging from 5-10%. Always include a late payment penalty in »

Today we saw mini airplanes

Dear Kian, Today is Saturday May 28, 2011. I just had the most wonderful day with you.  You are 4-1/2 years right now, on the brink of entering kindergarten.  And 4.5 is truly a wonderful age. Perhaps the best age (although I know that consistently throughout your entire »

To Appliance or Not To Appliance

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with product managers who are wrestling with the appliance question:   Should they create a software-only product, or should they deliver an integrated hardware-plus-software appliance that contains all the underlying hardware and software needed to run the product? It’s an important question »