1. When he successfully gets himself dressed

2. Fixing his own hair, using the mirror and some water

3. Collecting rocks and pebbles that he finds EVERYWHERE.  He jacket and pants pockets seem to always have a few rocks in them. (must be careful or they will ruin my washer & dryer)

4. Reading books.  This morning he was very proud of himself for putting all his (new) Clifford Phonics books back in their little cardboard carrying case, ALL BY HIMSELF.

Speaking of that last one, this morning I read Kian too of the Clifford books and then left him in the family room while I got dressed.

Well, while I was doing that he was busy getting those Clifford books all back in their little cardboard box with the carrying handle.

Anyway, he then came by the bedroom and explained that he wanted to pretend he was visiting me and that he had a present for me and some cake for a party (or something like that, it was a bit hard to follow).

I said ok.  So, he rushes out of the room and then comes back and says “Ding Dong – who IS IT?”

So, I said “Who’s there?”

He said  “It’s KIAN!”

When then exchanged some other typical pleasantries (how are you, thanks for coming, or something… I can’t quite remember). Kian then gave me his Clifford box and said “it’s for YOU”. Of course, I thanked him profusely and then invited him inside.

He was so happy and proud of himself.