I took Kian to swimming class at AVAC this evening.  It was a bit rough because he was expecting Mr. David to be his teacher today.  He had been saying earlier how Mr. David was his friend -- a big deal because at the previous lesson he wouldn't go near Mr. David for at least 15 minutes.  Mr David was a new teacher to him and last week was the first week Kian met him.

Alas, Mr. David was not there today.  Mr. Euan and Ms. Kat were substituting.  Kian was reluctant but thankfully didn't cry like he usually does with new teachers. He sat by the side of the pool for about 10 minutes before he would venture in the water. But once he did, all was well.  He's getting to the point where he can hold his breath pretty well, but he is still reluctant to put his face in the water to the point where it covers his eyes.

After the lesson, Tad, Kian and I went to Taco Bell for a quesadilla - Kian's most favorite post-swimming lesson treat.  Tad and he have a long standing tradition of having lunch together after swim lessons and Kian always wants the quesadilla.