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The Must-Read Books for Product Managers

For product managers working on business-to-business high tech products and early technologies, the following are absolute must-reads:

Very Worthwhile for Product Managers

The following are not "absolute must-reads" but are very worthwhile:

It covers the entire spectrum of product management activities, and provides excellent ideas, approaches, and ways of thinking for each activity. Over a 3-month period, the CPM found herself reaching for this book often — more than any other book in her product management library. The Cranky Product Manager strongly recommends The Product Manager’s Desk Reference.

In Summary....

I've read (or attempted to read) about every book on the market with the words "Product Management" or "Product Manager" in the title, and I would only recommend the ones listed above for high-tech product managers.

Many of the other books on Product Management are

  1. too broad, covering the gamut of banking products, consumer goods, automobiles, as well as high tech, or
  2. poorly written, or
  3. perfectly fine and covering the same topics as the books I already listed, but not not as well.