In our coupious spare time, Product Management bloggers just LOVE writing haikus.

Check it: here (Pivotal PM), and here (my previous post), and here (Product Management Meets Pop Culture), and here (Tyner Blain), and here (On Product Management).

The fun just never ends.

Anyway, here's some brand, spankin' new haiku. From my sleep-deprived, addled brain. (Too many products to manage, too many kids to parent - at home and at work.)

As always, submit your own Product Management Haiku in the comments!

Feemium product
has too many great features.
No one upgrades. Crap.

CTO sees the
bright shiny object du jour.
Development stops.

Virtual dev teams.
Half of meetings are now spent
debugging A/V.

Agile dev process
moves bottleneck from Dev to
Product Management.

Product Manager
who cannot use his product
should be fired. Now.

The new Architect
always demands rewrite of
every line of code.

Sales reps always groan
Unless they can do no work,
yet still collect checks.

The Scrum stand-up
should be 10 minutes, not hours.
My feet really hurt.