I received an email from a reader regarding this blog's recent guest post, The 7 Types of Engineers.

To Whom I May Concern,

I have attached a picture of the real Veteran Engineer that works with me. I saw your post, the description of Mike, and bought the mug for him.

He, in turn, sent me the proof that corroborates what you have posted beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Please feel free to post on the site.

All the best,

Maggie, Sr. Product Manager

And here the photo, along with Mike's disclaimers:

  • No (party) animals were endangered during the filming of this picture.
  • No additional clothing was needed to be purchased by the photo subject in order to take this picture.

The Real Veteran Software Engineer

You will notice that Mike The Veteran Software Engineer is holding Veteran Software Engineer mug.  I am always a sucker for a good recursion gag.  It reminds me of my lambda calculus-filled  freshman year at MIT.

Thanks Mike and Maggie, for giving me a good chuckle!