Ever wonder why so many startup entrepreneurs put out misguided and doomed products, even after attempting to take four steps toward an epiphany and reading the "Lean Startup"?

Market Interviews Gone BAD: Too Vested To Listen

Face Palm

Alas, I have witnessed similar "attempts" at market validation too many times to count. Maybe a product manager could help them.

Too defensive

Market Interviews Dumb Questions
Ooh boy, the answer to the question is going to tell us something we already didn't know. Way to go!

This is a two-panel comic, so make sure you scroll down.
Market Interviews Gone Bad: Too Creepy

Maybe we should leave these personal questions until the end, along with an explanation as to why you are asking. Better yet, try to find out via natural, non-creepy conversation that comes up in the course of the interview by being a nice, friendly person. Finally, better to not find out than to be creepy or pushy. Remember, you might want to contact this person again for more insight.

And now a market interview where the product manager hasn't done anything wrong (yet).

Readers, what's your advice about what a PM can do to salvage this interview?

Market Interviews Gone Bad: Stymied