To Appliance or Not To Appliance

I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with product managers who are wrestling with the appliance question:   Should they create a software-only product, or should they deliver an integrated hardware-plus-software appliance that contains all the underlying hardware and software needed to run the product? It’s an important question »

The Joy of Big Data

These days I’m feeling more inspired to blog about the emerging “Big Data” technologies than about generic Product Management or Product Marketing. I am naturally interested in this sector because half my career was spent in the Business Intelligence sector of Enterprise Software.  And I really liked it for »

Product Positioning Statements - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I wish I could start a vendetta against the Marketing Cryptospeak that is so prevalent in the software industry. You know... those meaningless, boilerplate-ish, hyper-generic, jargon-oozing, designed-by-committee, ridiculously cryptic descriptions of what a product (or company) supposedly does? Those nonsense-filled sentences that leave  readers so confused about what type of »